The village

Charming town with a nearly fully preserved city wall, it boasts numerous monuments that testify to its glorious past, nestled in neighborhoods with quiet and picturesque streets. This, along with its pleasantly breezy climate even in the summer, makes Cingoli a popular holiday destination. Furthermore, due to its elevated and terraced position on the eastern slope of Monte Cingolo, the town enjoys a renowned panoramic view, earning it the nickname 'The Balcony of the Marches'




Nestled in one of the most beautiful, rich, and rare floristic regions in the Mediterranean landscape, Cingoli is situated at a panoramic elevation of 630 meters above sea level in the upper Musone valley. Cingoli's topographic eminence, when considered in relation to the superb panoramic view it provides, has over time earned the city the nickname "The Balcony of the Marches." It's an enchanting location that offers access to boundless vistas, to paraphrase the words of the painter Donatello Stefanucci regarding one of his famous views. The entirety of Cingoli is an open-air museum. Notable sights include the square facing the Municipal Palace and the Cathedral, the medieval Spineto district, Portella, and along the main street, the Maltempo Fountain, Castiglioni Palace (birthplace of Pope Pius VIII), Cima Palace, and the churches of St. Jerome, St. Nicholas, Holy Spirit, and St. Philip. Beyond the city walls, you can explore the churches of St. Esperanzio, St. Sperandia, St. James, and St. Vitale.



An emotion not to be missed


L’affaccio dal “Balcone delle Marche”.


The best


La “Madonna del Rosario” di Lorenzo Lotto, grande tela, realizzata dal celebre artista veneziano per la chiesa dei domenicani di Cingoli nel 1539; è l’opera più importante e significativa del patrimonio artistico del Comune di Cingoli.






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