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Civitanova Marche


The village


If you wish to be surrounded by blue sea and nature along the cycle paths; if you enjoy strolling along long, golden beaches, but are also looking for art, history and scenic views, without renouncing the fashionable life and shopping; if you would like to spend time sailing or playing golf and discover the delicious tastes of the local traditional cuisine, you can come to Civitanova Marche and enjoy a totally relaxing holiday in a city full of life, where the warm welcome of the local inhabitants will leave fond memories.




From Piazza XX Settembre you may reach the Church of Cristo Re, featuring a bell tower with a lantern-beacon. Along the way, you will encounter the Old Fish Market in Art Nouveau style and the Shanghai district, appearing as an old fishing town. A walk along the pier will take you to the little green lighthouse. Leave the Porto and take refuge in the poetic alleys of Civitanova Alta, whose structure remains unchanged since medieval times. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through its picturesque streets, lined by palaces and historic churches.

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An emotion not to be missed



View from the bell Tower of the church of Cristo Re.

The bell tower designed by the Roman architect Dante Tassotti, with a circular base tower 33 metres in height, capped with a conical spire. The steeple also serves as a lighthouse, displaying the Morse Code letters “C” and “M”, for Civitanova Marche. The steeple can be climbed by walking up 285 steps or taking the more convenient lift.



The best



The entire port of Civitanova Marche was included in an important urban redevelopment project which aimed at enhancing its social aspect and its tourism potential.
In 2009, as part of the “Vedo a Colori” project (works supervised by local urban artist Giulio Vesprini), Civitanova Marche inaugurated an open-air museum of street art, allowing the town to boast one of the most colourful ports in Italy.



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Guided tour of the Art Gallery Marco Moretti.
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