Dear visitor, the present journey will lead your mind to faraway and fascinating places.
At the Piane di Falerone’s doorway we will conduct you to visit the Archeological Park, where the Roman Falerio Picenus town rises up with its theater (1) and the oak which has protected it for centuries; the amphitheater (2) and the cistern (3); everything is reachable walking along a green path in max.1 hour. Then, along via Pozzo, we can get to the Medieval Falerone village where you can enjoy the fifteenth-century St. Paulin’s house (4) facade; The Civic Archeological Museum (5); The Church of St. Francis (6) dedicated to St. Lucky, Falerone patron; the Merchants’ Small Loggias (7) and St. Sebastian’s Picture Gallery (8). Going down to the valley, on the other side, you can get to the picturesque Lombard period church of St. Paulin (10), located upon a hill with a breathtaking view.





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