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Potenza Picena


The village


Potenza Picena is situated on a hill at 237 meter above the sea level. It is an art and seaside town and it is characterized by an hill territory that slides to the Adriatic Sea where there is Porto Potenza Picena. If we take into consideration also the two villages nearby, San Girio and Montecanepino, the town has more than 15.000 inhabitants. It is situated in the centre of Marche region and connected to the most important Italian places thanks to the A14 motorway and the Adriatica railway. If you go to the seaside part of the town, today there is very well equipped beach properties, with one of the most nice beaches of the region. The town offers to the tourist modern infrastructures able to satisfy any needs: restaurants, hotels, health spas, beach resorts, agritourism, B&Bs, seaside campsites, camper area, discos, nightclubs, sport facilities and also a marina, obtained from an artificial lake and connected to the sea. There is, moreover, a bicycle path that links the town centre to the ponds park. Tourist accommodations, concerts, events, environment care have allowed Potenza Picena to win the Bandiera Blu, the Tre Vele di Legambiente and the Bandiera Verde rewards.


Walking around


Dive into the sea of Porto Potenza Picena to let the waves bring you in a place far away from mass tourism. Discover the flavours of the traditional seafood dishes.
Become passionate about a coastline where to enjoy the show of the crystal-clear water crashing on the rocks. Enjoy the heat of the sun, illuminating the oldtown within walking distance. Discover its artistic and architectural treasures, surrounded by the gentle hills distinguishing the close backcountry. This is what Potenza Picena offers to all those who love relaxing and sunbathing. Together with long walks, fishing, sports and outdoors activities. The king of Porto Potenza Picena is the elegant Lungomare Marinai d’Italia seafront. The coastline is located far from the road, offering a safe oasis to children, also thanks to sandy beaches and shallow waters. This is the perfect place to relax, where you can relax listening to the sounds of the sea. We can say metaphorically that this seafront is a rather democratic monarch.
Actually, it offers a wide range of possibilities to its visitors: public beaches for those who prefer to bring their own beach umbrella and chairs, and well equipped bathing establishments as well.
Well, yes: this is the perfect place to live a relaxing sunny holiday, and to discover small and big wonders.
The first one?
It is the Square Tower, once used as sighting point to defend the town against the raids of pirates. Indeed, it was built in medieval times, for defensive purpose against sea raids. At that time, the imposing building allowed to sight enemy ships and warn the population quickly. Nowadays, the tower offers a stunning view and it allows visitors to admire all the charm of this seaside resort from the top. The historical district Le Casette is another gem of this seaside town, the most suggestive part of the residential area of Porto Potenza Picena. This district is made of small simple houses, once belonged to the local families called Sciapecotti, a dialect name to refer to fishermen. It involved the use of a needle with a large trawl net, made of two long wings and a sack used to catch smallest fish. Not far away from the beach stands Villa Buonaccorsi, one of the precious gems of this territory. It preserves one of the most fascinating eighteenth-century Italian Style Gardens. It is divided in five terraces, connected by a central flight of steps and surrounded by a thick grove. The garden is full of fountains, water features, walkways, niches and magnificent statues.
What about a dip in nature?
So, your destination is Parco dei laghetti!
This area is located close to the northern coastline and it includes a surrounding floristic area. The park is located in a former gravel pit.
The surface is 64 hectares, of which 32 hectares of water. In addition, the oasis encloses a short sandy coastline, an important place for ducks (as Moretta tabaccata) and coots: there, they can find a safe spot to rest or to pass the overwintering.
A cycle path connects the center of Porto Potenza with the Parco dei Laghetti.



An emotion not to be missed



At dawn and at sunset
Lose yourself in the infinite between the colors of sunrise and sunset. A tip: reach the Baden Powell panoramic viewpoint and enjoy the spectacle of the rising sun, making the wonderful coastline turn red.

The best


At Villa Buonaccorsi
You can’t miss the magic of the eighteenth-century Italian Style Garden and of its terraces.
You can’t miss the magic of the eighteenth-century Italian Style Garden and of its terraces. Copious fountains, water features, statues, niches and obelisks make this place become an enchanting location still nowadays. To top it off: the scent of a lemon tree house, an antique puppet show made by mechanized marionettes and an evocative English-style grove all around.


Travel experience


There, the Hockey Club stands out: in 2016 it inaugurated the new field hockey stadium. Built in the municipal sports center, located in the locality of San Girio, it is a certified sports venue for federal championships, tournaments and international events. In Potenza Picena, also golf is popular. It is practiced in the Torrenova Golf Club affiliated to the Italian Golf Federation, the first course designed in accordance with the guidelines of the Bio Golf Project, in partnership with Legambiente and GEO.


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