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The village


Where the river Potenza faces the last gorge before continuing towards the sea in a valley surrounded by green and soft hills, San Severino Marche is one of the most striking cities of the Marche. Heir to a thousand-year history and treasure trove of art, culture and traditions of inestimable value, moving the first steps from the archaeological area, passing through the enchanting Piazza del Popolo, up to the ancient village of Castello a Monte, the city offers every corner a jewel to discover. And beyond the city? The territory! Nature! The landscape! The centuries-old beech forest of the Natural Reserve of Monte Canfaito and Monte San Vicino, the village of Elcito, the numerous fortresses, castles and more... and then... the wonderful views, which range from the Sibillini to the Adriatic. Art, culture, nature, sport, fun, relaxation, good food, good wine, whether you want a stay place or short... San Severino Marche is ready to welcome you! With the countless itineraries on foot, by e-bike or whatever you want, it will be a unique experience!




What we suggest is the itinerary "Fascinoso" that starts from Piazza del Popolo and then continue along the picturesque streets of the center of the old town until you reach the charming medieval village of Castello a Monte. The route is particularly suitable for those who love to walk among artistic beauty and nature, along the way you can see unexpected and wonderful views. Absolutely not to be missed! Whether on foot or by bike, in this case with the possibility to detour to discover the surrounding hills through the countless routes present.

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An emotion not to be missed


The emotion absolutely not to be missed, whether on foot or by bike, is to venture for one of the many nature trails that San Severino and its territory offer, certainly Elcito, Canfaito but the real gem, surely is the "Hole of the Earthquake" also called "Buca d'Aria", name that comes from the Monte d'Aria on which is located this hole of 110 meters deep 20 meters, according to local popular belief created following an ancient seismic event, hence the name.

The best



San Severino Marche really offers so much that it is really hard to say what not to miss in the visit. What distinguishes the city and its territory is exactly the variety of possible experiences, if you are looking for an immersion in history, in art in culture, well! San Severino is the answer! ... and if you are looking for incredible landscapes, nature, relaxation, outdoor activities and food and wine trails and everything else you want to live and enjoy once again San Severino is the answer. The city is plural and varied in the offer as are the Marche. You are never disappointed!


Piazza del Popolo, 45
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