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Civitanova Marche


Corso A. Caro, 24

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In 1868, the municipality entrusted the task of drafting the final project to Francesco and Tommaso Basili. During construction of the new theatre, the 1480 doorway from Palazzo Santucci was installed in the entrance. The theatre, with three tiers of balconies, has a Pompei-style frescoed ceiling. In 1997, after the restoration, the theater reopened to the public, since when it has provided a picturesque setting for cultural events and dance and drama productions.



Parco della Rimembranza, 1,

+39 0734 631443

Built in 1915 on the initiative of a group of private individuals who set up a "Società de Condomini" and, until 1973, theatrical activities took place there. After a long period of inactivity, the municipality took over and reopened it in 1994. In neoclassical style, the building is made of smooth ashlar both in the lower and upper part, where Ionic pilasters adorn the windows; a triangular pediment adorns the top of the building. The interior is characterized by a rectangular plan around which a balcony rotates.



Via Umberto I, 22

The theater was inaugurated in 1812 with the performance of three melodramas: Ser Marcantonio by Stefano Pavesi, Oh, what an original! by Giovanni Simone Mayer and The self - styled philosopher by Giuseppe Mosca.
In 1849 a radical restoration was carried out entrusted to the architect Vincenzo Ghinelli, who widened the proscenium, redesigned the lines of the boxes, modified the access ramps. The works ended in 1852 and the theater reopened with the performance of Verdi's Luisa Miller. Every year the Municipality of Matelica programs a rich and popular theater and musical season.managed in collaboration with the AMAT. During the works , the remains of a thermal building were found with mosaic environments from the Roman era and an interesting route has been set up for visiting the archaeological finds.  Inside the  foyer there  is the municipal wine shop,  Foyer "Verdicchio di Matelica"  managed by the Verdicchio di Matelica Producers Association in collaboration with the Municipality.



Via Roma

+39 0734 961441

The theatre is dedicated to musician Domenico Alaleona and is featured in the list of the oldest theatres of the Marches.
Made it necessary in 1869 to design a project for a new theatre that would occupy the entire area of the old town hall, under the supervision of Giuseppe Sabbatini from Montegiorgio.
Over the course of time, the theatre has been the venue for several cultural events and political meetings and it has also been used as a cinema, for concerts, dance events, New Year’s parties and folk performances. In the past it mainly featured operas, while today it is mainly used as a venue for plays.

Penna San Giovanni


Via Giuseppe Colucci, 31

+39 0733 669119

Located in the Priorale Palace, dating back to the 13th century but remodeled in later periods, the Municipal Theatre of Penna San Giovanni is unique for its rare beauty.
Built around 1780, it is the only example of a theatre made entirely of wood remaining in the province of Macerata, as well as one of the few in all of Italy.
The Baroque U-shaped room with gallery and two tiers of boxes was designed and built almost entirely by the local painter Antonio Liozzi.
Each level is topped with a floral festoon and embellished with a baroque cartouche that adorns the parapet, while the ceiling features a Muse playing with Cupids, echoing Greek mythology.
The entrance with ogival portal in sandstone, it is structured with a double row of wooden boxes supported by steel cores. The frescoed images are the work of Antonio Liozzi.


Potenza Picena


Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 25

This gorgeous small theatre, housed in the town hall and only accommodating 99 seats, was designed by the architect Giuseppe Brandoni. Placed at the centre of the theatre, there’s a circular rose window, adorned with a Gothic-style decorative band depicting mythological creatures.
Floral and faunal motifs enhance the elegant rib vaults, brightening up the building.

San Severino Marche


Piazza del Popolo, 15,

+39 0733 6411

Una tra le più interessanti opere d’arte custodite nella Pinacoteca comunale di San Severino Marche è senza dubbio lo splendido polittico trecentesco che la critica ha assegnato quasi concordemente al pennello di Paolo Veneziano, mancante della parte centrale superiore rappresentante l’incoronazione della Vergine, attualmente conservata alla Frick Collection di New York. Nella Pinacoteca Civica di San Severino Marche è custodita anche la “Madonna della Pace” uno dei più grandi capolavori del Pinturicchio (Bernardino di Betto; Perugia, 1452 circa - Siena, 1513), opera fondamentale del Rinascimento umbro.



Piazza Alta

+39 0733 431769

In 1829 it was founded a theatre “Condominio” to build a performance room inside the Palazzo del Popolo. The engineer Luigi Fedeli is the leader of the project. All the decorations are made by the painter Gaetano Ferri, while the curtain which describes the “Vittoria alata” is made by the painter Rossi. The theatre room was inaugurated in 1834 and has a horseshoe map. In the vault there is an elegant neoclassic Roman curtained drawing  with lunettes painted in trompe l’oeil style.